4 reasons you need a commercial cleaning service

Commercial cleaning is essential for business owners, with most businesses engaging commercial cleaners on a regular basis to ensure a health, clean and safe workplace. For small businesses however, particularly those who are just starting out, the cost of engaging a commercial cleaner to clean an office once a week may seem like an unnecessary cost and a job that perhaps can be palmed off to a receptionist or office manager.

Reality however is very different, and if your business is not already using a commercial cleaner, you need to consider the 4 reasons below, as to why you really do need a commercial cleaning service.

Make a good first impression

First impressions are absolutely everything in business, and no customer wants to set foot, particularly in a post covid-19 environment, in a filthy workplace. Lack of cleaning can indicate a lack of pride to customers, creating the image that you don’t really care for their business.

Keep everyone healthy

An office or worksite can be a breeding ground for germs, with it being quite common for colds and flu to run rife through businesses, particularly those who are not using the services of a commercial cleaner, to sanitise bathrooms and tidy up after staff.

Losing staff to illness can also significantly impact the profitability of your business. It can lead to you not being able to complete jobs on time and subsequently you run the risk of ending up with unhappy and disappointed customers.

Increased staff = increased mess

As your business grows and you bring on more and more staff, your level of mess will also increase. Once you may have only had to clean your bathroom once a week when you had 3 staff, but now with 30, once a week bathroom cleaning is just a health hazard waiting to happen.

Increased staff also leads to more garbage, more bind to empty, more desks to clean and more furniture. Protect your assets by hiring a commercial cleaner on a regular basis.

Saving time and money

Your business is something you’ve worked hard to establish, so the last thing you need to be thinking about is cleaning. Outsourcing frees up your time and saves you money, as you are able to dedicate your time and energy into further building and expanding.

Also neglecting cleaning can lead to breakdowns of equipment, which can be costly to replace and lead to downtime which can again significantly impact your businesses bottom line.

Personal Maids is proud to be one of Harvey Bay’s most popular commercial cleaners, with a variety of happy business owner, from multiple industries regularly engaging our services. We are proud to have built a solid reputation for superior quality commercial cleaning services, and we always work with our commercial customers to ensure our cleans have as minimal impact as possible to your business and are completed outside your standard hours of operation.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaner in the Harvey Bay area, please get in touch with us today, we would love the opportunity to assist.