We understand the value clean windows bring to your home or building. That’s why Personal Maids are here to remove all streaks and smears. Shiny and sparkling clean windows throughout the whole year.

The window cleaning service includes:

  1. Expert washing of your windows and glass doors (inside and outside)
  2. Polishing of PVC frames and sills
  3. Removal of cobwebs
  4. Washing of fly screens
  5. Vacuuming and cleaning of tracks

The window washing tools and detergents we use:

We apply ammonia-free professional glass cleaning agents to wash interior windows. We use scratch less window scrapers, squeegees and/or paper towel in the process to guarantee a perfect cleaning of your windows.

For your peace of mind, the cleaners will place protective sheet or matt on floor area and the furniture near the windows.

For your convenience, we offer window washing service as part of out bond cleaning service and spring cleaning service.

Benefits of booking Personal Maids window washing

  • Most importantly, it saves you both time and energy
  • Prevent permanent damage on windows from accumulated dirt and debris
  • We have professional equipment and detergents
  • Remove insect infestation
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning prolongs the lifespan of you windows
  • Improves the appearance of your home or business
  • As a result, you receive better results than if you do it by yourself