As Australia continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, with no let up in site, it is important for us all to adopt more stringent cleaning and disinfecting strategies in our homes. Adopting more thorough cleaning and disinfecting techniques throughout your home, can help to ensure the continued health and safety.

Cleaning and disinfecting – they are the same thing, right?

Wrong! Cleaning and disinfecting are two completely different things. Cleaning has the focus and role of removing contaminants from surfaces, whereas disinfecting involves killing pathogens that can cause illness.

With transmission from person to person a much more significant risk, than transmission via surfaces, it is however still vital that we are diligent within our homes and ensure that all surfaces are both cleaned and disinfected at least once daily, during these particularly challenging times.

Which surfaces should I clean and disinfect during Covid-19?

With so many surfaces within our homes, it can be difficult to consider, which surfaces we should be focusing our attentions on, in terms of cleaning and disinfecting. As a general rule, any surfaces that are touched by either ourselves or our visitors are a great place to start. These surfaces include;

What process should I use to ensure I am cleaning and disinfecting my home effectively?

As professional home cleaners, the team at Personal Maid, can offer some great tips in terms of the correct process to clean and disinfect your home. We use 2-step process which is outlined below.

Firstly, the cleaning process. Wipe down all surfaces with warm soapy water or a store brought surface spray. Using paper towel is also the most efficient cleaning cloth, as it can be discarded on completion.

Secondly, once you have cleaned thew surface, disinfect the surface using an appropriate disinfectant or spray. Wipe this solution over the surfaces, ensuring complete coverage. It is also important to use fresh paper towel, separate from the cleaning process. It is important so that you ensure you are disinfecting the surface appropriately.

Other important tips and things to consider

One of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning and disinfecting, is wiping cleaning solutions from surfaces too quickly, as soon as it is applied to the surface. Not only is this a waste of the product you are using, but it is also not enabling the product to do its job effectively. Most disinfectant and cleaning products, including sprays and wipes, need to remain wet on a surface for several minutes in order to sufficiently do their job.

Additionally, it is equally as important that you thoroughly read the directions and warning labels of all products, ensuring that you are familiar with the manufacturers instructions for use, which will enable you to use the product correctly and avoid any unnecessary damage, brough about by incorrect use.


With the ongoing challenging nature of the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential that we all do our bit to stop the spread of the virus, with cleaning and disinfecting our homes daily, and improving our sanitation and hygiene practices a great place to start.