Frequency - how to decide how often to have your home professionally cleaned?

Frequency of home cleaning varies greatly from household to household and family to family, and truth is, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the right cleaning frequency!

With so many variables in place such as time spent at home, the size of the family unit including any pets, occupations, and expectations and cleanliness requirements, all critical factors that can impact upon the required frequency of a home cleaning service.

Other factors that also impact upon how often you may need your home cleaned are the size and location of your home and how often you may have visitors or guests visit.

Considering the sheer volume of circumstantial factors, it is therefore important to consider your circumstances before signing up to a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly clean.

We take a look at the frequency of house cleaning and how family and personal circumstances impact upon the determination of what is the right or the best frequency for how often you should have your home professionally cleaned.

Once a week cleans

 The most common home cleaning frequency is the once a week clean. This clean is absolutely perfect for the busy large or small size family, who are struggling to balance work, kids, pets and finding the time to clean and maintain the cleanliness of their homes.

Once a week cleans ensure your home is kept neat and tidy, with all of the key, high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and floors well taken care of and undergoing a thorough clean on a regular basis.

Weekly cleans also ensure that there is very little for families to do between cleans, and also ensures that things that tend to create greater levels of dirt and grime throughout the home, such as children or pets, have only a few days between cleans to make their mark!

Occupation is also a factor that is an important consideration when it comes to home cleaning frequency. For those who have jobs that are dirty and messy, such as diesel mechanics, construction workers, landscapers, and the like, who’s bathrooms bear the full brunt of the dirt they bring home from work each day, weekly cleans ensure that these areas are also not given the chance to get too messy and dirty in terms of build-up.

Fortnightly cleans

Fortnightly cleans provide a great mix in terms of home cleaning frequency. Most cost-effective and affordable for families who don’t mind doing a bit of odd spot cleaning in between professional cleans, fortnightly cleans are suitable for both families, couples, and singles, again depending upon circumstances.

Couples and singles are potentially the biggest advocates of a fortnightly cleaning frequency. These demographics, given the smaller number of people residing in the home, tend to make less mess compared to a family with three or four children. Therefore, the need for cleaning more frequently is unnecessary.

Fortnightly cleans, ensure that the same high traffic areas are kept clean and tidy, however these areas may require a sweep by the homeowners between visits or even a quick mop, wipe down or vacuum.

Monthly cleans

Finally, monthly cleans provide a through clean on a not-so regular basis. A monthly home cleaning frequency is perfect for those who don’t tend to spend a lot of time in their homes, such as fly-in-fly-out workers who may only be home for a week or two a month, as well as singles and couples without children and pets whose homes simply do not require such a regular and thorough cleaning.

Ad-hoc cleaning

Ad hoc cleans, such as bond cleans, or cleans prior to or after an event such as a birthday party held at your home and another fantastic cleaning solution for busy people. These cleans are not completed on a regular basis but service a valuable purpose of ensuring that a home is clean, tidy, and well presented to guests and visitors.

At Personal Maids, we offer cleans with frequencies that are best suited to the size of your home, your lifestyle, and your personal circumstances, including weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and ad-hoc cleaning services.

With extensive experience in the Harvey Bay and Maryborough area, our dedicated, experienced, and professional team can assist you, with a cleaning service tailored to your specific needs.

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