Reasons to Hire a Professional Bond Cleaner

by Baiba Grinberga - December 10, 2021

Bond Cleaners are like magical fairies from another land. They swoop in at the end of a tenancy and work their magic, returning the property to pristine condition. For both tenants who are looking for a stress free exist from a property, moving on to better and better things, and needing their bond back ASAP, and landlords who are often left with a to-do list of cleaning tasks a mile long, from tenants who at times don’t have the same standards when it comes to cleanliness, bond cleaners are saviours!


Hiring a bond cleaner, is often considered essential rather than a luxury, saving tenants stress and landlords time in lost rental income and unhappy new tenants. We take a look at some of the many benefits associated with hiring a professional bond cleaner, such as the team at Personal Maids.


They have the experience and professional equipment. 


A professional bond cleaner will always know which areas need the most care and attention when they begin your clean. They are trained to get multiple cleaning jobs in your property done at once and know how to remove even the toughest of carpet stains. They have the high-powered cleaning equipment and chemicals that can remove grime from bathrooms and crumbs out of the carpet, meaning you can rest easy knowing the job will be completed to perfection. For a tenant, this can even reduce a mass amount of stress about the potential of not receiving a bond back due to an accidental spill.


They will save you time. 


You can organise professional cleaners to arrive at the property as close to the removal as possible. As they typically come in a team of two or more, they are prompt and efficient in what they do and can usually have even the biggest of jobs turned around within a few hours. This saves both tenants and landlords the time of sourcing cleaning suppliers and working out the best cleaning strategy, giving you the time that you need to focus on the more important tasks.


Professional Bond Cleaners will work around your schedule 


Moving isn’t an easy process. Often things will go wrong last minute, which can lead to delays or a final scramble to get everything together in time. The benefit of hiring a Professional Bond Cleaner is that they will work to your schedule. In many cases, landlords and tenants can even negotiate to have their cleaners come in during the period where the tenant has moved out and the landlord is preparing for an inspection. This means that you don’t need to rush the packing process or delay potential tenant inspections as you anticipate a clean at an inconvenient time.


The dedicated, experienced, and professional team at Personal Maids specialise in completing bond cleans cleaning properties of all shapes and sizes. We are committed to getting the job done quickly, to the highest of standards, so you can feel at ease knowing that your property will be returned to its best!


We offer competitive rates and will always accommodate your needs before, during and after the cleaning process. You are looking for the best bond cleaners in the area, Contact Us today for a free quote.