5 Dirty Spots In Your Home That Might Need Your Attention

by Editor - January 10, 2022

Your home might look spotless and clean as a whistle, without knowing that you miss some places your eyes can’t notice. And it’s not just some spills, stains, or smudges—there are germs in these overlooked spots which might be an issue for your health.

Have you ever wondered which are the dirtiest places in your home? These are five of the many everyday spots which need more attention during your cleaning routine.

1. Toothbrushes are exposed to nasty particles

You might not want to know this, but it’s the truth: When you go “number two,” some particles fly around the bathroom and could make a stop on the toothbrush’s bristles.

One way to lower the issue is to keep the brushes as far as possible from the toilet in an easily disposable cup. Follow these steps to deep-clean the toothbrushes:

  1. Mix warm water and a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup. 
  2. Put your toothbrush in the cup for about half an hour.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to replace them at one point—roughly two or three times a year.

2. Handles and switches gather everyone’s germs

It seems obvious at first, but maybe it always slips your mind. Door handles and light switches are two of the most used things at home, and the number of germs they gather can be jaw-dropping—especially if you miss a couple of well-needed handwashing sessions.

Neglecting these spots can be dangerous during flu season. Be sure to wipe handles and switches often. If you feel a little under the weather, you’ll reduce the chances of infecting others at home.

3. Kitchen sinks store too much bacteria

The kitchen sink is a place for cleaning dishes, fruits, and vegetables. However, it can also become a nest for nasty bacteria if you don’t clean it! Leaving it like that means moist, food particles, and spoiled residue. All this could end up on your next meal.

After all the chores, be sure to clean both the sponge you used and the kitchen sink itself. 

4. Keyboards are dirt traps

Just as with light switches, constant use of a computer keyboard will gather a lot of germs. Their keys trap dead skin cells, food scraps, and tiny hairs. Don’t forget to flip your keyboard over and slap it a little before cleaning it—you’ll see all that dirt and dust fall off.

5. Spills get lost behind the stove

If it wasn’t enough to deal with the occasional spill in the kitchen, appliances like the stove might hide other types of mess. Since it’s heavy, you might not bother to move it during cleaning time. Maybe it’s time you do.

Right behind the stove, it can get sticky from all those spills that managed to be lost from sight. Make a habit of pulling your stove when you do a deep kitchen cleaning.

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