Is Your Hardwood Floor Dirty? Clean It This Way!

by Editor - October 11, 2021

Hardwood floors are resistant and durable, but a simple mistake could ruin them for good. Don’t let this happen to your floor! Here you’ll learn the two most important things about cleaning a hardwood floor: how to keep it clean while avoiding damage! 

How to clean hardwood floors


Once your floor starts to look grimy, picking up the dust and debris won’t be enough. 

How do you clean dirty hardwood floors? With precaution, you can mop almost any type of flooring. However, you need to be careful to avoid wetting the floor too much! 

What cleaner can you use on hardwood floors?


Usually, the best cleaner for hardwood floors is warm soapy water. However, it might change from floor to floor. For example, soapy water might remove the protective coat on waxed floors! 

Sometimes, plain water is enough to remove stains! Also, knowing about the wood finish on your floor and the manufacturer’s guidelines will help a lot! To avoid any major damage on your floor, use your trusted cleaner or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

How to clean hardwood floors with vinegar? You can make a green cleaning solution by mixing a gallon of warm water and a cup of white vinegar. However, vinegar can dull or damage some wood finishes over time. Make sure it is safe for your floor before using it!

Step 1. Clear the floor


This step is pretty straightforward! Remove anything you can from the floor, including rugs, floor mats, and furniture. 

Step 2. Remove loose dust and debris


Dusting your floor should be the first step before mopping and should be part of your regular cleaning routine. 

To pick up loose dirt and debris, you could use:

  • Soft-bristle broom: If it’s angled, it would be easier to sweep your floor!
  • A vacuum cleaner with a hardwood floor attachment: Avoid beater bars and any other attachment if it isn’t specifically for hardwood!
  • Dust mop: This tool is the best tool to remove dust from your hardwood floors!

Step 3. Mop following the grain


Mopping the floor is the hardest part of the whole process. Not because mopping is difficult, but because you need to make sure you are not wetting the floor! 

The method to follow depends on the mop you are using. Here is how you prepare the mop to clean a dirty hardwood floor!

  • Flat microfiber mop: The best way to mop your hardwood floors is with a flat microfiber mop. To apply a cleaner, mist the cleaning solution over the floor or directly in the microfiber pad. Then, mop with the grain.
  • Microfiber or cotton string mop: Using traditional mops on hardwood floors is a challenge. Prepare the cleaning solution in the bucket and sink the mop. Then, use the built-in wringer or wring out the mop by hand until it’s almost dry.

After preparing your mop, you are ready to clean your hardwood floor! Remember to move with the wood grain!



Never use a steam mop on your hardwood floor. Steam cleaners are great for other types of flooring, but they can wreak havoc on wood!

Step 4. Rinse the floor

You need to rinse the floor if you use a hardwood cleaner or any other cleaning solution that leaves residue behind. The step is the same as the previous one but only with plain water instead of a cleaning solution.


If you use plain water or a vinegar solution to clean your floor, you can skip the rinsing step!

Are you not sure what to clean next?


Now with your floor clean and neat, you can move on to the next cleaning task! Visit our blog page to learn more useful tips and tricks to clean your home!