Get Motivated To Clean: 2 Methods That Really Work!

by Editor - September 16, 2021

Personal Maids - Get Motivated To Clean 2 Methods That Really Work!

Do you really like to clean, or do you like living in a clean home? Huge difference! People often don’t feel like cleaning, and that’s ok. However, housework is crucial for different reasons. A clean home also means a healthy, safe, and cozy home.

If you are not feeling in a cleaning mood, don’t worry! You can get your cleaning motivation up! Here are two different approaches to get motivated to clean. 

They really work!

Method #1. Focus on productivity

Is there a task you don’t like in your work, but you do it anyway? Cleaning is like any other task. You can approach the chores by focusing on productivity—as you would do in a working environment. 

However, cleaning tasks are easier to neglect because you don’t have your boss home! 

The key is: you don’t need to feel like cleaning to do it! Here are the steps:

Step 1. Make a cleaning schedule!

A schedule can turn “cleaning your kitchen” into smaller, more manageable tasks. You’ll be more motivated to “wipe the countertops” than “cleaning the whole kitchen.” To make a perfect schedule, follow these guidelines:

  • Make it specific: As mentioned above, a specific task is more manageable than a general, overwhelming chore! Break down every task into its smallest form. 
  • Assign time and date to the tasks: When a chore is already scheduled for “Friday at 5 pm,” it’s more likely that you will do it! Remember that “later” never comes!
  • Write it down (on paper!): You could use your smartphone to make your schedule. However, it might also be a distraction! Your best option is to write your schedule down on a sheet of paper. Also, hand-writing itself can be stress-relieving

Step 2. Avoid distractions

You may already know where the distractions come from! Place your smartphone in a drawer while you clean. Power off the TV and turn down the volume of any distracting music you hear while cleaning. 

However, distracting music isn’t always bad, as we mention in the method below!  

Step 3. Define clear rewards

A reward can motivate you to do chores you don’t like, even if it comes from yourself! You can build a reward system by defining them in your schedule. For example, set  “seeing a movie” as the reward for completing every task of the day! 

Here are some self-reward ideas!

Method 2. Make cleaning fun!

When you are low on motivation, forcing yourself to do the chores isn’t always the best approach. Sometimes, it’s more useful to find a new perspective! 

Here are two ways to do it!

1. Involve more people

Cleaning alone can be boring! An easy way to give your chores fresh air is to involve more people. Maybe you can trade off a cleaning session with a friend! Or include your kids in housework! 

Here are some fun cleaning games!

2. Play upbeat music

If background music doesn’t work for you, try the upbeat music you love! Although it can be distracting, playing upbeat music can lift your spirits and motivate you to clean. Make a playlist with your favorite tracks and clean until the last song ends!

Bonus method: hire a cleaning company!

You can motivate yourself to clean in many ways. However, what if you let the professionals do it? Hiring someone to do your chores is not wrong! Do you have any questions about cleaning services? Send us a message. Personal Maids is glad to help!