How to choose the right home cleaning company?

by Baiba Grinberga - October 16, 2021

There are so many home cleaning companies in Hervey Bay, with homeowners, completely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best option for them. However, as a professional home cleaning company ourselves, we understand the anxiety, and stress choosing a home cleaning company for your family can cause.

Do you choose the cheapest or the most expensive?

Do I choose a well-established company or a newcomer to the industry?

Will the person I choose be the same person each week?

How do I know I am getting a quality service?

We get it! There are so many factors to consider, which is why we have put together a list of key factors, you should consider when choosing a cleaning company for your home.

Check online reviews

The internet is a great place to start when looking for a home cleaning company. A simple Google search will enable you to identify companies that serviced your area. The beauty of the online age is also that you are privy to a wealth of information about the company, from checking out their website, to reading reviews related to their level of service received from past and current clients. You can gauge whether the cleaner is worth adding to your potential list.

Compare quotes

Price is not always an indication of quality. However, price and affordability of services is certainly a consideration for most people. When comparing quotes, look at the services each company is offering as part of the quoted fee, ensuring you are comparing apples with apples and not apples with oranges. It is always best to get a range of quotes as well, with three being a great number, to ensure you are getting an overall view of the pricing across the market in your area.

Reputation and excellence

Many cleaning companies claim to be “the best” and make suggestions of specialisations and excellence. While its great to view themselves and their services in a positive light, reputation dictates whether these suggestions are backed by quality results. Do your homework, speak to your neighbors, and find out if the service you are considering engaging is in fact “excellent”.

Staff, Employees and Contractors

Another factor that is important to consider when engaging a cleaning company for your home is whether you are engaging a company who employs staff or uses contractors. The major impact that this has on you as a homeowner is insurance coverage, as you will want to ensure that whoever is cleaning your property is sufficiently insured against any incidental or accidental damages or injury.

Security is another are worthy of consideration and further research. You will want to ensure that the employees or contractors who will be cleaning your home have also undergone police checks, ensuring that you possessions remain safe.

Asking basic questions of the company in this regard can also help put your mind at ease knowing your home and possessions are fully protected.


Having a stranger come to your home to clean, can actually be quite daunting, with lots of homeowners preferring to have the same person attend their home regularly. When selecting a cleaner, make sure you ask if this is possible. Not only does it ensure continuity of cleaning, it also enables you to establish a sound ongoing relationship with the person entering your home, building a relationship of trust and honesty.


Ultimately, if you were not looking for a quality house clean, you would probably just give the cleaning a go yourself. In order to ensure a high quality clean that meets and exceeds your expectations, it is important to relay and discuss your expectations with your cleaner. Get on the same page.


Overall, engaging the services of a house cleaner or a home cleaning company can be a very frustrating and time-consuming process. Asking the right questions and considering the factors we have mentioned above can ensure, that securing the right cleaner is a onetime process for you.