How to Ensure the Return of Your Rental Bond: Cleaning Tips for Moving Out

by Baiba Grinberga - August 4, 2023

In 2022, many Australians have sought new homes, inspired by the “New year, new me” mindset. The pandemic has prompted relocations to better environments, with a notable trend of people moving to regional areas or different suburbs, particularly in larger cities. Whether it’s a desire for a slower pace of life, a fresh start after lockdown, or the need to be closer to family, change is on the horizon for many.

For renters, moving house can be stressful, especially when it comes to getting the full bond amount back. A thorough cleaning job is essential, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless, including those hard-to-reach and less frequently used areas that may have accumulated dust and grime over time. To make this process easier, follow these guidelines for a guaranteed bond refund.

  1. Plan Ahead: Don’t leave your bond cleaning until the last minute. Consider a pre-vacate inspection to identify any issues and plan your cleaning tasks systematically. Develop a cleaning schedule and tackle small tasks daily to avoid overwhelming yourself.
  2. Prepare a Checklist: Check your state’s residential tenancy authority website for a detailed cleaning checklist, as rules may vary. You can also ask your agent for guidance. Ensure you cover all the standard areas like cupboards, light switches, floors, and walls, but don’t forget often overlooked spots like exhaust hoods, dishwashers, fly screens, soap holders, towel rails, and ceiling fans.
  3. Cleaning Products: Use appropriate cleaning products for each area to avoid damage. Magic Erasers or sugar soap work well for wall marks. Use wall putty for dents, and don’t forget to match the existing paint color. For soap scum on glass, use shower foam or vinegar paste and an old toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas. Use a vacuum or duster to remove dirt and dust from windows before cleaning with microfiber cloths or glass cleaner.
  4. Consider Professional Help: If you’re unsure or short on time, consider hiring professional cleaners specialized in bond cleaning. Personal Maids offers an End of Lease Cleaning Service that ensures a spotless inspection and a full bond refund. Check their availability to ease your moving process and ensure peace of mind.

To ensure a thorough cleaning before moving out, consider using a checklist. Many residential tenancies authorities across the country offer quick checklists on their websites to guide you through the process. Check your state’s guidelines as rules may differ or consult your agent. For example, Tenants Victoria and the Queensland Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) provide helpful tips, such as descaling sinks and taps, dusting fans, and removing mold and dust from ceilings. Personal Maids has also created an “End of Lease” checklist that typically covers all or 95% of agents’ requirements. You can find it on our pricing page.

In addition to the usual areas like inside cupboards, light switches, mirrors, floors, and walls, there are some commonly overlooked spots that we recommend cleaning:

  1. Exhaust hood – Clean all oil marks, wash filters, and ensure the light is working.
  2. Dishwasher – Clean the interior, including all racks and rubbers. Remove food from the filter and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Fly screens – Remove, wash, and reinstall.
  4. Extras – Wipe down soap holders, towel rails, toilet paper holder, and ceiling fan.
  5. Pool and spas – Clear debris from the water and filter.
  6. Garage – Empty and clean any oil marks or dirt, remove cobwebs, and clean the garage door.
  7. Rubbish bins – Wash and dry them.

Cleaning during a move can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and the right approach, you can secure your bond refund and make the process smoother.

Bond cleaning

by Baiba Grinberga - May 2, 2021

BOND Cleaning

Are you concerned about a fast-approaching moving out cleaning? No need to be, because there is a quick way to guarantee a full bond refund and the restoration of your rental property’s clean state! We, at Personalmaids.com. Personal Maids in Hervey Bay, know how to properly take care of the bond cleaning at the end of your lease. We are ready to do it when you need us, too. In order to secure the full retrieving of your deposit, we provide a 7-day bond clean guarantee. This means that we will clean and re-clean your place (if we have to) within the appointed period of time until your landlord is happy and your bond is safely back in your pocket.

What is included in our bond cleaning service in Hervey Bay?

The service is designed to target all living areas in the property, following a rental inspection cleaning checklist. Everything is sanitized to the highest standards. Your end of lease cleaning service covers (but is not limited to) the following:
  • Kitchen appliances are sanitized (inside and outside), as special attention is paid to the oven that is cleaned in detail; all fittings, cabinets will be also cleaned and polished, special attention will be paid to fans/vents
  • Bathroom and toilet are disinfected from top to bottom: sinks, bath, toilet are scrubbed to a perfect shine, tiles and shower screen are descaled; the shower, all fittings, cabinets and mirrors will be also cleaned and polished, special attention will be paid to fans/vents ;
  • The windows are washed and polished on the inside & out (only if can be reached by step ladder and safe), sills and tracks are cleaned, as well (blinds are dusted if present).
  • All surfaces are polished and sanitised: shelves, cupboards, drawers, bench tops, tables, mirrors, door frames, picture frames, light switches, furniture etc.;
  • Hard floors are vacuumed and then moped
  • Fans & air-conditioning units will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Garage

Additional services:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Blowing out sheds from dirt & dust

What is not covered in bond cleaning service in Hervey Bay:

  • Removal of stickers or removable hooks
  • Removal or shifting of furniture
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Baby/child safety latch/lock removal
  • Rubbish bin cleaning
  • Any cleaning that would result in damage
  • Blind washing
  • Full wall washing – small spot cleaning is completed in most areas as part of our standard clean
  • Intensive garage cleaning – we will vacuum/sweep; and clean light switches & power points as part of our standard clean
  • Garage wall cleaning

Do not hesitate to let us know about any other requests we may be able to help you with.