Declutter Like A Pro! 4 Methods For Better Organization

by Editor - December 13, 2021

Keeping your house organized might feel like a challenge. If you are surrounded and overwhelmed by the clutter or sometimes struggle to find what you need among so much stuff, you need to step up your decluttering game.

Luckily, there are pros in the world of home tidiness…and you can be one too! Learn the best decluttering methods recommended by experts for a well-organized, decluttered home.

1. The one in, one out method

This one is great for fashion trends or for people who have tiny closets. 

The “one in, one out” decluttering method works as the name says: every time you buy a new item, you get rid of an older one. It doesn’t mean you just throw that old sweater out; you can always donate it. This way, you are not only decluttering but also helping out someone! 

However, this method also applies to other things, from toys to home decor. If you already had these items organized in the first place, you’re just rotating while keeping numbers the same.

2. The 20-Minute Challenge

This method is for anyone who needs to hone their decluttering skills and aim for better times! Set your timer for 20 minutes and do as much as possible in a small area. Once time’s up, check the results and decide if you’ve done enough or need another 20 minutes.

Because you’re going on bursts of decluttering, you won’t get tired quickly. Even better, you’ll probably get encouraged by the progress you’re making!

3. The Four Box Method

For faster decluttering, this system works wonders because it helps to sort out in categories: Trash, Sell/Give away, Storage, and Put Away. The best way to apply this method is to go from room to room and act quickly when the boxes are full.  For example, if you’re donating, leave the box in your car, and the contents in the trash box should be disposed of immediately. 

Be sure to use big but manageable boxes, so the work is worthwhile when you fill them up!

4. The KonMari Method

Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her professional organizing skills a couple of years back. 

Most likely, you’ve already run into the internet sensation of “Does it spark joy?” This decluttering method is as simple as the question suggests: pick an item and decide solely on whether it gives you joy or not. It’s recommended you do this by category, rather than per room.

While seeming easy, this method may be harder to pull off than the others because you have to think in “yes or no” terms while deciding. It can become a challenge, specifically for people with a strong sentimental attachment to stuff. 

After decluttering, it’s time to clean!

Organizing can be challenging but also rewarding. Also, decluttering reduces the mess and amount of unnecessary items in your house, making cleaning easier. Go ahead and try one or every method on the list!

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